Doubts around God and faith there are once – sometime almost to everyone. It is, however, possible to remove them easily with anti-controlling thoughts, confirming the truth of Divine Revelation for the world and man: the class and harmony of the vast universe, the miracle of life, all other supernatural and exquisite miracles of the Lord and Saints, and maybe above all, the testimony of the consciousness of the well-intentioned and pure souls.

God’s works, which testify to its existence and welfare, have many aspects. One side is groomed and that’s why it is obvious. Another is just bright and distinct. Another is low light and inconspicuous. Again again it is dark and so invisible. This latter side concerns doubts. So, but I was home to the Lord, to test the honesty of his search by our souls, as well as our torting. You see, God and his works are approached and only acquainted with humiliation.

You do think that, where God and its truth, that is, everywhere, everything should be flooded with light, to be perceived with the senses, to inspire the souls strong, screaming for their divitors!
Do not realize that, with these thoughts, it is like we want to determine how God has to act? And this, as you will undoubtedly agree, it is inconceivable, because, if it happened, it would serve the natural order of things.

Δύση ηλίου

The works of God themselves are just divine, but their divinity is covered with an invisible curtain. Why; So God wanted – only I have to say. The bouquets of divine wisdom and love are insoluble. There is no doubt, however, that it impeded beauty and plenty of light hiding behind the curtain that does not let the infrequent people see the truth. The Apostle says “Although invisible and the eternal power of God and its divine property, people can see them and to mean, since the world, through its creations” (Rom. 1.20). Which people, though? Only faithful and well-intentioned. And not, of course, those who are typical faithful, but those who live a life pleasing to God.

You have to break the nut, to find and taste his crumb, delicious and nutritious. The Lord does not reveal His mystery to everyone, so the people talked about his reign with parables. Those who were well-intentioned, understood them and illuminated by the truth.

Faith does not diminish anything from the fact that they do not all believe. Let’s not look at those who do not believe. Let’s see the truly believers and we find what they enjoy through the faith. Christian faith is not a philosophical system, but a way of aborting the fallen man from the thunter Christ with the grace of the Holy Spirit. Our example Let’s be anyone who follows the Lord’s Salights. And we will see that it is slowly growing, how it mature spiritually, as long as it is insignificant to the world.

The Lord, therefore, invites us to faith. He wants the salvation of all people. And we will be saved if we hear his voice and follow him firmly, unwavering. For the sake of that, who loves us all and every personally, let us not drift us any doubt. So we will offer him the biggest sacrifice, for which he will reward a lot. Doubts are weed, sowing the enemy to our soul. Why do you let him be struggling your destruction? Let us approach our Savior, where does it spread our hand-friendly.
Let’s humble, let’s pray, warmly, and with the active and conscious participation in our Orthodox Church Mysteries our faith will be increasingly strengthening and at the same time we will be ahead of this life to the other and endeaval.

Saint Theofanis the Confined