Prayers that come from some that we consider “finished” sociologically but are glorified in the eyes of God

for at that time of prayer screams the diamond of Divine Grace that is at the core of man’s heart. You see deserted hearts that bloom roses in them. Young children, boys and girls looking for the priest to talk to him to find the truth their soul is looking for. There are these young people. These are miracles. To be stopped by a new child and say, “I want to talk to you, Father, something weighs on my conscience, and I want to tell you.” Yes, that kid! of the cafeteria, with the earring on the ear or eyebrow. With the tally of a forgotten love and the headphones with iron maiden at the end. You talk to a group of young people in a café and you feel the table with the frappés becoming a small chapel in the presence of Christ, because let us not forget “where there are two or three consecrations in the name, that is in their midst” (Matt 18, 20. Matth . 18, 19-20). And to enter the Church and not have time to take the stab wounds especially from people who are “close to the Pope” and from “people of the Church”.

Have a theological conversation with the young rocker you never imagined in your wildest dreams. And yet, in this gutter, baptism speaks internally. A prayer perhaps of a grandmother, a mother kneeling in the icons begging not for brides, grooms, jobs and money, but for repentance and the Kingdom of Heaven. Candidate Saint in search of spiritual home! These are miracles…

This candle in the heart that hasn’t been extinguished yet renews it some prayer. And then it begins to illuminate the heart of man, so that the world smells true. And this “bad boy” begins for the world to see the forgotten treasure in him and go to the confession to polish it and shine again. These are regrets! From the finished for the world, but from the manly for God… It makes you see God’s presence as a “thin aura voice” in thirsty souls.

And on the other hand, to see a lady with the tager and the fanouropita in her hand at every request to ask Christ rabbits with stones, so that the world can smell selfishness, and as soon as she sees the child with the earring, she will say, “The brat, what do you expect from her son?” And whenever he sees you, he’ll say to you with the saleswoman’s smile, “Your wish, Father.” And 30 years in the Church she didn’t understand anything, she feels that with some donations, and some epitaph decorations , she has a VIP place in heaven. Poor lady…

After all, God exists where He can’t be seen. He hides and shines in the mute of silence. Kind of like the sun. The sun when it rises doesn’t make a fuss, it doesn’t speak like the wave or the wind. It is simply presented with its glow and heat, this almighty presence is enough.

That’s how Christ acts….it comes when the finished and thirsty call him. Whereas when challenged by the selfish and the pharisees he is removed because the space is closed for EDINON.

Let us not forget, my dears, that Heaven was opened by a bandit with a Memory. A finished and thirsty cry opened the GATES OF PARADISE. Do not judge anyone my dears because we do not know our brother’s last cry but also the last word of God. Good fight.

Father Spyridon Skoutis – – Holy Metropolis of Limnos

– Thanks to Father Nikolaos Pantazis for making the article a very beautiful video –