Miracles from Divine Litourgy. The teaspoons and the Holy Spoon.

There are Christians who are afraid to take it, so that germs don’t get stuck! If that were the case, none of the priests would live, because in the end they catalyse the contents of the Holy Potirion, from which hundreds of believers often commune with a variety of diseases.
And yet no priest was ever hurt.
The body and blood of the Lord are “fire consumed”. One of the many facts that prove this truth is the following:
When the Metropolitan of Chios Panteleimons Phostinis (†1962) was a preacher of Attica, he once went to work in the “Savior”.
That’s where the paramedics brought him a big platter with a lot of teaspoons.
What did you bring these for?
— We were told by the doctors to commune with these patients, starting with the lightest and moving on to the heaviest.
— That is not what the priest answered with faith. I have the Holy Spoon.
In the Mass he really shared the patients normally and then approached the Holy Gate to catalyze. Το έκανε αυτό για να τον βλέπουν όλοι, και να μάθουν οι γιατροί ότι η Θεία Κοινωνία είναι φωτιά που καίει τα πάντα.