On how to give Holy Communion

Every time there is talk of saliva, teaspoons and the like, by those who have targeted the Holy Communion, it comes to mind the miracle of the congenital blind (John, chapter 9).

Then the Lord in a move “healthly unacceptable” made eyes the blind man!
He filled His saliva (which is a means of spreading viruses and bacteria) with soil (which is the source of millions of microbes) and “anointed” the clay in the eyes of the blind (mucous membranes, conjunctiva: point of entry of microbes and initiation of infection).
What followed we know it or if we don’t know it we can find out, as we do know that no science is going to replicate it. It’s just that if it were today, apart from the then pharisees, Jesus’ accusers would be some narrow-headed infectious disease specialists.
I hope from the heart that God will ask them to experience the Power of Mystery. The Lord is there inviting them.
He’ll never oblige them.

Pavlos monk agioritis
Biologist, MD Molecular Biology and Biomedicine
Vouleftiria of Mount Athos