By Fotis Kontoglou.

Noone who celebrates Christmas only as a habit, which is related with the usual joys of the world, with the Winter, with the snow, and with the hot fireplace, cannot feel the spiritual joy and heavenly rejoicing that a Christian is feeling from Christmas.

Only the Orthodox Christian celebrates Christmas spiritually, and from his soul pass holly feelings, and warm his heart with a paradoxical warmth, which comes from another world. That is the warmth of the Holy Spirit, as the logos says: «with Holy Spirit every soul is full of life, and brightness by the Holy Trinity secretly and spiritually.”

Soul and body are celebrating together.They feel divine eufrosine. This divine feeling is unknown to anyone who is far from Christ. The heart of the Christian, these holly days, is full of the fragrance of holly hymns, full of a spiritual photochysia, that covers all the creation, mountains, sea, every rock, every tree, every stone, every creature. Everything is sanctified, all are celebrating, all are rejoicing, all nature is “as an olive tree full of olives in the ecclesia of God”.
No one feels in his heart such joy, only the one who loves God and who lives the days of his life with God, because no other except Him can give such joy, such peace, as the logos which the Lord said in the Last Supper: “I give you My own peace, I do not give you the peace that the world gives”.

The Joy of Christ and Peace is different from the joy and peace of this TOU world. For this reason, the man who rejoices to go to ecclesia, to drink from this Immortal fountain of true joy and peace, says together with David: ” Sent o Lord, Your Light and Your Truth; They drive me to go to your holy mount and unto Your scenes; and go in to the sacrificial altar of God, to the God who is rejoicing my youth. ”

Let us celebrate loipon and ye, my brethren, the birth of Christ “in spirit and truth, in Psalms and Imnois and Odais spiritualist”, and then the other “Prostethisetai imine”, donkey are, are the Chara of the house, the family, the nature, the Synanastrofis, of pure amusement, because everything will sweeten the love of Christ, and warm them the warmth of who is the giver of life.
Mega lesson of humiliation is for us, my brethren, ē birth of Christ. Where was he born? In a Manger, in a pachni can we say better, to feel deeper the untold condescension of God, because the ancient words make it look in our eyes rich and the poorest things. His mother, the Virgin Mary, far from her home, a foreign into a place, went and gave birth to him in a corral. The ox and the donkey warmed him with their breath. A few of them were shepherds. The amnos of God acconted together with the new born lambs, who came to the world to save Man from the Curse of Adam. Who human was born with more humiliation?

Saint Isaac of Syros writes, in his logos for humility, the following exquisite words: “I want to open my mouth, my brethren, and say for the great affair of humility, and I am full of fear, like that man who knows that he will speak for God. For humility which is the dress of divinity. For the Logos of God who became human, and dressed it, and came into connection with us with it, taking a body like ours. And everyone who dressed it, realy became similar to Him, who descended from heaven, and who covered the virtue of His greatness and His glory with humility. And this was made to avoid the burning of the creation from His appearence. Because the creatures couldn’t look at Him, unless He take a part it (the body), and so He talked to human. He covered His greatness with the flesh, and so He came into connection with us, with the body that took from the Virgin and Theotokos Mary. So, by seeing Him, one similar to us and one that speaks to us as a human, not to fear from His appearence. Therefore, whoever wears the dress that the Creator worn (humility), Christ himself is dressed. ”

The manger is the humble heart, in which only goes and is born Christ.
Our Ecclesia is full of Light in winter darkness, celebrating the birth of the Lord. Inside from ecclesia a supernatural hymn is heated, like the one that the Angels were chanting on the night the Lord was born, “the Sound of them who are celebrating with pure heart”. […]