James Peebles – Nobel Prize 2019. There was no Big bang.

We are reading the following amazing things that James Peebles, Nobel Prize 2019, has said, and which we cite in the same. Judgment is yours.

James Peebles: “Please, don’t say Big Bang!”

“The first thing we need to know about my scientific subject is that its name, the Big Bang theory, is not correct,” says American professor James Peebles, one of the three Nobel Prize-winning physics 2019 in front of a surprised audience.
It Links an event and a space, but both are wrong,” he says, addressing the audience who came to hear him at the symposium organized annually by the Swedish Ambassador to the House of Sweden in Washington.
So there was no initial big explosion until proven otherwise.

James Peebles, 84 years old, is a cosmologist. The Nobel Prize honors his theoretical work on the childhood of the universe.
Please note: Childhood, not birth… “It is unfortunate that we are talking about the beginning, when in reality, we do not have a good theory about such a thing, the beginning,” explains the American cosmologist. On the contrary, cosmology has some very good theories to explain the evolution “from the first seconds”, the expansion of the Universe “, for 14 billion years. They are literally for the first few seconds, whose… The cosmologists have discovered fossils. The term is the same as it is in paleontology. The older fossils include helium molecules that emitted in a few seconds when the universe was very hot and dense. They have been object of observation with telescopes. These theories are verified through observation, he says, and this makes a difference with theories concerning the odd previous phase.
«We don’t have a solid test for what happened before. We have theories, but no evidence.». “I Quit” “The theoretical ideas are amazing, but, in my opinion, they turn out when they pass their tests. We discover which theories are close to reality when we contrast them with experiments. Here we have no experimental evidence of what happened before». Among the worldview theories is the theory of inflation, a very brief phase that occurred before the expansion. “It’s a beautiful theory. Many people consider her so beautiful that she can only be right. But the evidence is too weak. ” “Can I ask you not to use the term Big Bang skim?”, says at the end of the lecture the cosmologist after a poorly worded question from the public.
Which term do you prefer? Quit. I use the Big Bang myself, although it displeases me. For a number of years, we have tried to persuade the scientific community to find a better term. In vain. So it’s still the Big Bang. It’s unfortunate, but the whole world knows that name. So I’m quitting. ”


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